Cruiser/Touring Motorcycle Front Air Seat Cushion

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Finally! A Comfortable Seating Solution!


  • Fits Large Cruisers, Standards, Sports Touring, Adventure Touring and Harley’s.
  • Designed ergonomically to bring you a comfortable seating experience for a long riding day.
  • Front Rider Seat Pad Made Made From Durable Neoprene Rubber instead of the cheaper polyurethane plastic used by others.
  • Staggered Air Pocket Patented Technology allows optimal pressure relief for tailbone, scrotum and prostate area. Also improves leg passage with the elevated air design.
  • Non-slip bottom lining

- Great for those who go on long rides or for those that are looking for an all around solution for a more comfortable riding experience. 
- Absorbs shock and vibration from engine, road and terrain. 
- Adjusts to your shape for a custom fit. 
- Surfaced with flexible & breathable stretch material to reduce humidity and sweating. 

- Mounts easily with two straps that connect under the seat. Comes with full Owners Manual with Instructions.

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