About Us

Air Seat Innovations® is the best in patented Air Cell Technology. This revolutionary and time-tested technology has been used in a variety of medical and non-medical applications bringing better health, safety, and unsurpassed comfort to thousands of individuals all across the nation.


Born because of... lack of quality in others...

As riders ourselves and avid users of other "big brand" air seats, we learned that quality and attention to detail DO MATTER! 

After replacing numerous air seats in just a short time frame, we realized that something had to be done! We thought," If we are having these issues, other customers are having these same issues." Now, we understood it could have been a product default or manufacturing default. 

But, HEY... How many do you have to go through before you're like, " NO, it's the lack of quality products being used to manufacture these seats!" So... we decided to make our own! 

We knew that it wasn't going to be easy. As riders ourselves, and we love to ride, but most importantly we like to be COMFY for that ride. No matter if it is a short ride. Because believe me, an air seat does make the ride very comfortable and reduces the stiff back and neck which is fantastic!

This groundbreaking technology was originally invented for motorcycle users. People who spend up to 12 hours seated each day are at great risk for painful and sometimes life-threatening pressure ulcers.  Ultimately, our remarkable cushioning technology that equalizes forces over weight-bearing areas of the body, which relieves dangerous pressure points.

Our seats also control vibration and absorb shock! Truck drivers who spend hours strapped into the seat of an 18-wheeler, motorcycle riders who are at the mercy of engine and road vibrations, and office workers who spend long hours seated in a chair, experience significant fatigue, numbness, and even health risks such as spinal column compression.

The nations best! ASI® (Air Seat Innovations) brand includes motorcycle seat cushions, truck cushions, office chair cushions, seat cushions for agricultural and construction vehicles.

In 2017, ASI® began supplying patented Air Cell Technology to the masses!